If you are determined to fight against plastic pollution, if you love Cork in Vogue products and the fact that they are conceived, designed and manufactured to be eco-friendly, sustainable  and visually attractive, let us know more about you and your business.

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We are currently developing a range of products, from sports to home accessories, fashion bags, recyclable plastic, rubber, wood and we will expand for other areas in a foreseeable future.

Our co-founder has helped hundreds of start-ups from all over the world plan the right strategies for everyone’s success. We love to help, and most importantly, we embrace stimulating and creative challenges to keep growing.

We can customize all the products with your logo, designs and sentences. And do not worry, we use UV digital printing and only eco-friendly inks. We also take care of packaging and everything can be customized to fit your needs and preferences.


We are always going to offer special prices according to bulk orders.

Please fill the contact form below. Let’s start a great partnership!

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