Cork in Vogue is being built by a team of dedicated people with different backgrounds.
We are a family business operating from Portugal to everywhere in the world.

Cork in Vogue - Founder

Hernani Martins
business co-founder

I started working at the age of 17 years old. At 27 years of age, I had the privilege of fathering a couple of children. After 7 years we were blessed to have twins.

Since I was a child, I always dreamed of going to the Moon and contemplate the universe, particularly our planet Earth.

I have travelled the 4 continents, mainly business trips and had the pleasure of meeting different cultures and wonderful people.

Unfortunately, I have passively watched the destruction of our natural resources and especially the inevitable extinction of us all.

I know that I am just an inaudible voice crying out in the cosmopolitan desert, but…

The goal of this entrepreneurial business is to help create an alternative and better future for the generations of our grandchildren.

Pedro Martins
Sales Manager

Cork in vogue- CFO

Alexandre Martins
Financial Services

Special Thanks

Special Partners 

To my lovely wife Fabíola, for the understanding and support needed to start this business.

To my dear sons, Pedro and Alexandre, who have been so committed since the beginning. They will be the main pillars of the company.

I await with open arms the full support of my daughter Vanessa and son Guilherme, who will certainly contribute to the growth and success of this small family business.




Cork in Vogue - product developper

Fabíola Martins

Product Conception

Cork in vogue - sales team

Sara Freire

Social Media Manager

I would like to thank Miss Fátima, Eng. Carvalho, Eng. Pina and their tireless team for their cooperation and development of recycled products. Congratulations team E.A.B.



Not to be unfair and forgive me if I have forgotten anyone in particular.
To the excellent designer Sandra Ferracuti, also an architect and painter, thank you very much for your help.

To the photographer with affection, Chris Duque Estrada, forgive me for interrupting your initial new mum process by helping us with your excellent photography work.

To Yoga teacher Marlene, who granted us the honours of being a photo model and our first ambassador. We will soon visit her Yoga Academy in Gaia. Our deepest thanks.

To Duarte, Salvador and Ana, for the creation of the website (thanks Diego) and the translation of documents into several languages.